Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Words from Tony

I have been having fun eating and drinking but it is such a catch 22 for me.  I find the more I eat and drink, the worse I feel about myself and that it is just not worth it.  I really slacked for about 10 days but got back to it on Sunday and I already feel much better.  Now, don't get me wrong, it's not like I live for broccoli and running, but it makes me feel so much better and really helps my mental attitude and seriously helps me avoid depression. 

I read Tony Horton's blog (the creator of p90x) and it always inspires me so I wanted to share. Thanks for the words of wisdom Tony!  I need you to help me get in the best shape of my life for my wedding this year - don't let me down!

Here is the link to Tony's blog and his post on Christmas Day:

Holiday Health

On this Christmas day we have an opportunity to count our blessing and look to the future. The New Year is just days away and quite often we neglect healthier choices and blow off our workouts with the hope that come 2011 we'll get our act together again. Why not turn this week between Christmas and New Years into a productive 7 days. Temptation is everywhere and holiday obligations abound but I know you can manage at least three workouts this week and avoid eating fruit cake and Christmas candy. Give yourself a 7 day running start before January 1 because going in strong is a whole lot better than starting bloated and grumpy.


Holiday Horton


wrestling kitties said...

I am glad you feel better now that you are working out again. I agree, I too always feel better, but that doesn't mean I enjoy doing it and lack TONS of motivation!

I have started this week slowly getting back into a routine. Eating healthier snacks and walking.

I was happy that during the holidays while I didn't lose, I didn't gain! It may have been all the stress I created for myself, but I managed to stay the same since BEFORE Thanksgiving....which was my goal.

Now on to losing weight so I can get in a swimsuit in May.

B. said...

Yep I didn't follow that advice. No workouts and definitely some junk foods. Back at it now though.