Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Underwater Sculpture

While perusing a very important literary magazine (I was in doctor's office and all the People mags were taken), I stumbled upon an article about this Underwater Sculpture by Jason de Caires Taylor.  This sculpture contains 400 statues consisting of material that will cultivate coral life and was created as an underwater museum, a living museum of the sea.

I find this absolutely fascinating.  Sort of eerie, sort of beautiful, artistic no doubt.

Check out the website - the story/information and inspiration are completely captivating and I could not possibly sum it up.  The pictures are just stunning. 


Wendy said...

That is very cool!! The coral is creating art also.

(I thought your title was "underwear statue" at first, hah!)

Written Permission said...

Wow!! I love this!

(Heehee, "underwear statue." :))

Ky • twopretzels.com said...


When my sister dies, she said that wants to be made into a coral ball and dropped into the ocean.

wrestling kitties said...

That is very cool!

Though I could totally see an episode of CSI, Bones, or something of the like taking place because a real body was put down with the fake ones. That would be cool.

(I watch too many murder TV shows)