Monday, December 6, 2010

Song Rip-off

Holiday time is prime time for advertising and while I enjoy some holiday commercials (see earlier post), I feel like others make me want to take a sleigh ride through a store window.

For instance - have you noticed that most companies just use an existing song or jingle and try to fit words or lyrics into that tune?  It NEVER works and most often, it sounds horribly un-clever. I hate it.  See also:  the stupid Burger King Breakfast jingle.  Awful.  It's not to the tune of anything and besides that it's so poorly written and "performed" (dare I say that), it just makes me cringe.

To all advertising companies - please cease and desist your rendition of the 12 days of Christmas.  It's so dumb.  It's not catchy.  It's not making me want to purchase your product for myself, my loved ones or my uncle that I pulled for the gift exchange this year.  Just shell out the cash and feature a celebrity endorsing your wares, local marching band with real students, a really adorable kid, or go completely the opposite direction like Quzinos did with those weird crazy rat/hamsters - oddball style.   We love theeee SUUUUUUBS!  They are a dollaaaaarrrr OFFF!

Just stop making bad musical commericals.  Stop jamming words where they don't belong.  I can't take it. 

Merry Christmas.
- The Grinch of Great Smials


Amber said...

Thanks to Garmin, I can't listen to Carol of the Bells without hearing 'Give a give a give a Garmin'. UGH.

Sarah said...

I totally, 100% agree.

Written Permission said...

Those Burger King commercials make my EARS BLEED. (T loves them. Because boys like stupid things.)

Anonymous said...

those things' mouths and teeth on the quiznos commercial make me want to throw up.