Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lazy Sunday Poll

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!

Today's poll: what are your plans for New Year's Eve?

Are you excited to get dressed up and go out or are you over it? Game night at home with friends? Working?

We are going to a hotel party and I have rounded up a decent amount of friends to join. We have dinner and drinks of course and then stay overnight - which is the best part - no driving no cabs. Looking forward to it.


Erika Jean said...

I'll be babysitting, I've done it just about every year! I usually charge a crazy rate new years :-)

wrestling kitties said...

That sounds like fun! ENJOY!

I don't know, New Years has kind of changed for us over the years as we are in an in between place. We used to go out and party hard and now I am kind of over it. We went out a few years ago to the bars to kick it like we did back in the day and we were done and tired by midnight and SO worthless the next day! Um, OLD?!

We have tried having parties at our house, but people have kids and want to be with their families on New Years (which is totally ok) but our house and my sanity is not big enough to have 8 adults and 8 kids under 4yrs at our house so we stopped doing parties.

So we will probably just do what we do every weekend, watch movies and lay on the couch! We are exciting people.

Christina Thomas said...

Hope you had a great Christmas!!

We are having a family Christmas Party!! I have no friends or no party to go to. :-(

Have fun at your NYE Party! Stay safe!

B. said...

Brother and Sis-in-law and their two kiddies are coming over and we are going to hang. Probably play some Mario since my nephew is a Mario (every game involving Mario) fiend.