Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday Poll

I'm never going to get this, am I?  New title - Forgetful Tuesday Poll (not quiiiiite the same ring.....).  This is why I love you all, because you forgive me and participate ANYway.

Ok...here we go!

Are you done Christmas shopping?

I am not yet - but only because I want to pay for everything in cash this year.  I will be this week though when I get paid.  Then I have to finish wrapping...and I lurrrrve to wrap presents!  I really enjoy getting creative, gift inside gift, rolling it up, using unconventional paper, making my own, etc...  FUN!  My goal is to be all done by December 19th. 


Nadja said...

To be perfectly honest, when I see the "Sunday Poll" turn up on some randon week day it makes me smile.

I'm almost done. I got behind since everyone in the house has been sick. I hope I can make my MIL's gift in time!!

Jill Marie said...

I do it all in one day! BLACK FRIDAY... yeah I am one of THOSE people :)

Wendy said...

I'm done, holla! But, to be fair, I'm not buying many gifts this year, because of this whole packing-up-house and moving business. But I managed to make my mom and my MIL's gift and the girls' gifts were all purchased online. Now I just need to wrap everything! I have to make one more thing - teacher gifts! That's on my to-do list for tonight.

Written Permission said...

All done except for two people -- argh!! And I need a bunch of gift bags, too. Never seem to have enough of those.

BUT, I've already wrapped all the presents I had, including 13 candy boxes for all my cousin's 500 billion kids. :) So I feel OK about things.

(I, too, like the random-day-of-the-week polls. Who can remember these things on SUNDAYS??)

Erika Jean said...

Amazingly I don't have a lot of shopping to do. My sisters and I don't swap and neither do my firends and I anymore. Just cost too much these days! I will by a few small things for parents, but that is about it. Gotta get those this week!

wrestling kitties said...


I am NOT done.

I am not CLOSE to done.

I don't know if I will have time to be done.

I am waiting for gifts to be delivered in the mail because I ordered them online so late and am anxiously waiting for them to arrive. I still have people that I have NO idea what to get for them. I still have a little less than HALF yes HALF of my gifts to buy. Sigh.

It is annoying as I am usually DONE and wrapped BY Thanksgiving, but the past two years have kicked my Christmas present buying ass. I don't know if it is because T. is in school or what, but I have a feeling I will still be shopping come Thursday of next week and that just stinks.