Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I heard on Bob and Tom this morning that Wakefield Track and Field's team in Massachusetts was getting some press yesterday since their shirts read, of course...WTF.

I guess the superintendent didn't know that this stands for something else now and the parents are upset.

Article here.  Fox's article here.  I found this line describing said acronym, very amusing: "popular but vulgar Internet colloquialism."  Popular but vulgar.  Classic.

I think they should sell all contraband on eBay as a giant fundraiser.  The flag is amazing (see below).


Ky • said...


I remember being in high school when one of my buddies was accepted to the college of his choice: Ferguman University.

He walked around with his white, college-style baseball hat that said, "F. U." in big letters and thought he was by far the coolest person on the planet.

Written Permission said...

Oh, and the Gamecocks hats. What will those silly frat boys think of next?

Seriously: Are this precious of a society? Although I guess since it's high school vs. college, they have a right to be slightly more protective. I guess.

(Also: When it comes to high school/college kids, doesn't popular EQUAL vulgar most of the time?)

wrestling kitties said...

First, I love that I am seeing Fox news write WTF throughout that article! HAHAHA

I was thinking of the F.U. thing as well. We had people from BG who wore it just because it said FU.

I can see for high school how it may be a bigger deal then college and why they would get rid of it. Though, I would not be offended if my child wore it. As an adult though, I think it is awesome!

Erika Jean said...

WTF, that is awesome.

Ky • said...

**Um, meant Furman University up there. Yikes.

Nadja said...

(Is Ferguman University where Ferg went to college?)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!!!