Monday, November 22, 2010

Upcoming Movies...

Finally!!  Movies coming to a theater near you (that I actually want to see).  The cinema has been lacking for me in the last 6 months and now it's back on the upswing.  Here is a list of the flicks:

Burlesque:  Starring Christina Aguilera and Cher, you know that you will be impressed by the soundtrack and costuming if nothing else.  I'm thinking about Molin Rouge....
Release date:  November 24

Harry Potter!  Already in theaters, and already on this blog.  Can't wait to see it.

Faster:  Someone read my blog (this post in particular)!  Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson is back in action and kicking ass again and THANK THE LORD.  I was so tired of the kiddo movies he was wasting away in.  This movie features our hunk as an ex-con seeking revenge for his murdered brother - uh, yes please.
Release date:  November 24

The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader:  These are not the greatest movies ever made, but I love them and the books were some of the best stories ever written.  I read these stories as a kid and then again more recently and they are entertaining pictures (no where near as EPIC as LOTR, but then again, nothing is).
Release date:  December 10

The Tourist:  Johnny Depp - need we say more?  No pirates, no makeup, just Johnny in this movie that has been labeled a "paranoid thriller ."  Not sure what that means.  Everyone hates on the Ultimate Mistress Ms. Jolie, but she's fun to watch.  Admit it.
Release date:  December 10

Tron:  Sci-Fi, computer world, time travel, etc...  Are you excited or snoozing?  I love this garbage but I'm a nerd girl.  This is not a remake but rather a continuation of the 1982 Tron and Jeff Bridges returns as his same character.  The Dude abides. 
Release date:  December 17

True Grit:  The Cohen Brothers version of a western novel which was previously made into a 1969 John Wayne movie.  I am guessing this movie will not be as straightforward as the typical western since the Cohen Brothers tend to mix it up a bit.  This movie has an impressive cast featuring Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and Josh Brolin.
Release date:  December 22


Wendy said...

Whenever I see The Chornicles of Narnia I think of that SNL skit "the Chronic of Narnia" hahaha

I want to see the Tourist and Potter too, and my hubs wants to see Tron. I don't but I'd go with him just to sit and eat popcorn.

Christina Thomas said...

I want to see Narnia too!!!

wrestling kitties said...

K & I are actually renting the first 2 Narnia movies this weekend and watching them to get ready for the release of the new one!

I am VERY excited about Tron....looks awesome.

I want to see The Tourist...I like when Mr. Johnny Depp plays these types of rules. He is so sexy...I mean come on.

I saw a preview for Cowboys & Aliens....I pretty much HAVE to see it!

(I saw Harry Potter.....but I want to go again!!)

B. said...

I totally want to see Faster looks awesome, The Rock in fairy wing just isn't right. True Grit is another I am thinking I might want to see.

Erika Jean said...

I was wondering if Burlesque would be like Molin Rouge too... but I still want to see it ;-)

I want to see that one with Reese Witherspoon too!