Thursday, November 4, 2010

Subway - eat stale?

Don't get me wrong - I love Subway and since I almost never eat at a fast food restaurant anymore, Subway is my saving grace when I forget my lunch or don't have time to pack.

My current sub:
Roasted Chicken on Whole Wheat
No Cheese
All veggies, no cucumbers
No banana peppers
Add Jalapenos
Franks Red Hot

Oh yeah.  That's the ticket.

To all you sandwich artists out there - if a sandwich does not get cheese - don't toast it.  Toasting is only good if it melts that delicious cheese.  If you toast it and there is no cheese benefit, you wind up with a stale, crunchy bread that is like day old crap.  I like the Subway bread because it is nice and soft, not crunchy and stale.  Another reason why toasting sucks, is because the crumbs go everywhere.  They do.  I think they grow wings as you bite into your sandwich and fly into your hair, down your shirt and into your drink.  It's annoying.

So, STOP asking me if I want it toasted - because CLEARLY....I do not. 


Erika Jean said...

I too am a No Chees Subway gal... It really IS annoying how they ask if you want it toasted! I'm with ya!

Nadja said...

Every time I eat toast I get a TON of crumbs in my bra.

How does this happen and am I alone in this?

31derful said...

Why no banana peppers???

Written Permission said...

I have a really hard time saying no to cheese. Ever.

(Nadja, you aren't alone. I think they just must miss the heat of the toaster oven and they gravitate there.)

wrestling kitties said...

Oh, I have to disagree my friend. I loves me toasted bread, cheese or not. Even slightly burnt if possible.

Now if I am eating the sandwich while at work, then it is not toasted because like Nadja, I will have crumbs in places I didn't know I could GET crumbs. Seriously.

But if I am at home enjoy a tasty sub from subway then it MUST be toasted, even if I do not have cheese on it. I add some fat free Italian dressing on it though to take away any dryness. mmmmm