Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shots of the month

Take a look at these shots of the month as seen at 6-pack on Sylvania. This is a great bar but come on - all these shots look like they are going to give you a cavity upon consumption. What is purple poof? They all sound like slutty shots too. What ever happened to flaming Dr. Pepper, tequila and three wiseman?


Sassytimes said...

I was always a whiskey girl. ;)

What's with the names? Am I that old?

Iris Took said...

I was thinking that too! I was also wondering if their parents spelled their names that way or if they are trying to be cute now??

PS Love whiskey.

wrestling kitties said...

Flaming Dr. Pepper - CLASSIC! I LOVED those. And Tequila, that is my shot. If you are going to do it, do it right.

And I was totally thinking about the names too! Ridiculous.

Ky • said...

Purple poof. Awesome.

I'd skip the shot and prefer the dessert.

B. said...

I always hate when somebody says "do you want a shot" to which I say "yes" of course then they always follow it up with the "of what" and I answer "Jack Daniels!" The next part is where I get frustrated, they always want me to pick something else. I already gave my choice if you don't want it, you pick something else. Obviously I like straight whiskey. Sometimes I answer back with a "Crown Royal," knowing full well they are going to turn that down too. Why do they always insist on trying to make me pick something I really don't want?