Monday, November 8, 2010

My Big Friggin' Wedding

Not mine (well, it kind of is...), but there is a show on Vh1 called My Big Friggin' Wedding.  I have this question to ask:

Are you kidding me?

Great, another show giving the American public an excuse to act like complete buffoons while planning the most important day of their lives.  Another show glorifying horrendous, self absorbed behavior and creating faux-celebrities who should be focusing on getting jobs and contributing to society.  These people are so obsessed with themselves they are forgetting that they should be forming a foundation for their marriage and, yes, this is a marriage - a sacrament - not throwing a ball and acting like debutantes.   There is once scene where a couple is picking out stationery and obviously disagreeing and she calls him a douchebag.  A douchebag!  I know I should be laughing at how ridiculous this show is but it is just so horrible and disrespectful, I have a hard time.  Plus, I think it is making my job worse. 

Being in the wedding and event industry, I see a lot of this kind of behavior and it's not funny in person.  It actually is sad and bothersome.  Entitlement and self-centered-ness are, to me, completely out of control.  Most people do not have manners and certainly do not understand boundaries. 

It really is unfortunate that a show highlighting couples that actually SHOULD be getting married would not get ratings.  Or maybe a show that would give a wedding of their dreams to a deserving couple?  I would watch that.  Most people would not. 

Here is a link to My Big Friggin' Wedding.  The only person on this show that I sort of like is Johnny Meatballs for obvious reasons - comedic relief.  If you are saying to yourself , this looks exactly like Jersey Shore, points for you, it's by the same producer. 


Written Permission said...

I can't remember the name of the show now, but it was an MTV/VH1 one-off special thing about crazily-entitled brides/grooms. There was this one Staten Island couple I will never forget as long as I live. Their limo was late, and the groom was pacing up and down a residential neighborhood street, SCREAMING into his phone that he was going to kill the driver and every one of his family members. And at the end of the reception, they proudly (and incredibly drunkenly) showed how much cash they'd raked in, and her dress, which was shredded into pieces and covered with wine stains. And they said it was the

People are totally psycho. (And I think that wedding cost something like $250,000, too.)

It still floors me how far some people end up from the actual POINT of the entire thing. Incredible.

Nadja said...

Mine would have been called "How to plan a wedding spending the lowest amount of money possible."

I'd totally watch one about you, Een.

Iris Took said...

@WP - I was TOTALLY thinking about whatever that dumb show was today too! It was so funny - he was FREAKING out in a white tux. haha!

@Nadja - HUG!

Erika Jean said...

Sounds like Bridezilla, just a bit trashier.

wrestling kitties said...

Ok, first why is New Jersey becoming so popular? It annoys me and people who ACT like that REALLY annoy me. I know not everyone in NJ acts like this stereotype that is being portrayed on TV...but come'on already (said in NJ accent) this kind of behavior is ridiculous and frankly, unacceptable. I hate that it is on TV.

I am also very tired of these wedding shows. Yes they make for good TV and most people think it is ridiculous....but I think the longer the shows are on the worse people act to show off for the camera. Remember when The Real World use to be good?! Yeah, it is kinda like that with these wedding shows.

When I lost my job my parents suggested I put my resume in at event places that do weddings. I said no. We had just planned ours and I had watched alot of these shows and said that I would rather not work in my field then work with those types of people. So annoying.