Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moving right along.....like molasses

Most of you know that I am getting married next year.   Most of you also know that I am one who is always trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Last year, I lost about 30 pounds and gained about 10 of those lovely little devils back in the summer.  Annoying.  I think losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is a struggle or a constant effort for most people.  I find that I have to fight to stay on track but sometimes that is a fine line between staying on track and obsessing for me.

We started the biggest loser contest again at work in mid-September.  I have been losing weight consistently....at a freaking snail's pace.  Molasses runs faster.  Every week I lose .4, .2, .6, gain .2, lose .4 and so on.  Overall, I have lost 11 pounds since September so that is good -the scale is going down, right???

Here is where I want to scream though.  Sometimes I feel like I am making so many sacrifices, passing on the dessert ALL THE TIME, getting up early to pack my lunch EVERY DAY, finding time to work out when I don't feel like it, and so on.  Yes, I am losing weight, but for how hard I am trying, I feel like I would like to be losing more than less than half a pound a week.  Ok, ok, so I got drunk TWICE in two months, but believe me, that is a sacrifice.

Sometimes I feel like I am at the bottom of a mountain staring at the peak and thinking, I can't.  I just can't do it.  But I know I have to.  And I have to MY WHOLE LIFE.  It's not like after my wedding I can just start eating pizza every day and never pick up a dumbbell again.  I have to do this routine FOREVER.  It just seems insurmountable to me sometimes.

Bottom line - I need some inspiration.  And I don't mean posting pictures of swimsuit models on my fridge because let me tell you something - that shit does not work for me.  In fact, it makes me want to dive head first into a peanut butter jar and then root through the cupboards for the chocolate that I asked my amazing fiancee to hide for me.  Then back to the PB.  Maybe some potato chips now.....

Yes, the wedding is motivation, but it is still 11 months away.  Flat out, I need to do this for myself.  Not for an event, not for vanity, yes for health, but mostly just so I can climb this insurmountable hill made of stupid molasses and stay on the top.  Just to say I did it and I will never go back.

I'll start Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Written Permission said...

Big ol' kudos to you for sticking with this, even though it's SO HARD. I gained back about 10 of the 40 pounds I'd lost this summer, and it's SO frustrating. You want to reach your goals and be healthier, but you still want to live your life and not have to do the CONSTANT VIGILENCE thing when it comes to food. Ugh. I definitely feel you on this one.

If it's encouraging at all, just know that there are jillions of us out there, struggling along with you, and wanting you to succeed, too!

Trophy Life said...

i have nothing to add that won't sound weird coming from a practical stranger over blogger comment, but i want to say "YOU CAN DO IT!!" and we support you. : )

wrestling kitties said...

Oh friend....I HEAR YOU ON THIS!!!

Seriously, it feels like I wrote alot of this.

It is SO frustrating when you work hard to lose weight and it comes off so slowly or starts to creep back on. However, I will say this. I lost 80 pounds VERY quickly in 1999 and it all came back over the years. It was not permanent because it was so drastic of a weight loss and done in an unhealthy way. I have lost 50 pounds in a VERY healthy way over the last 15 months and it has been SO SLOW. BUT I have not gained any back, even when I fall off my diet and don't work out (and the no working out is frequently). I am hoping, that even though it is very frustrating that because I am losing it so slowly and not doing anything drastic in my diet and instead making a lifestyle change (brown rice instead of white, smaller portions, more veggies, lean meats, healthy snacks, etc..) that this is going to be forever and a change I can continue.

And I hear you too on that this is forever. I know I will ALWAYS be one of those people who needs to be careful and watch what I eat. It sucks. But like I said, I am taking the slow (very slow) and steady approach on this weight loss thing because right now it seems to really be working.

I think you have done an AMAZING job so far! the 20 pounds before and 11 now....THAT IS AWESOME!!!

Doing this for ourself is unfortunately the ONLY way we will be able to lose weight and keep it off. I promise you, you will get there. Just think how far you have come from a year ago!! AWESOME! And think where you could be in a years time.

I am starting again in December slowly and just watching what I eat, but not depriving myself of things either. I have a vacation at a beach in May (eeek) and so these next 6 months I am going to be really focusing hard on working out.

Maybe we (WP too!) can motivate each other!! :)

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

All I can say is that your determination and your overall candid post is inspiring.


(And supported 100%. I love you, friend.)

Anonymous said...

You can do it Weeno! you have been doing a great job so far! Keep up the good work, it will pay off. And keep your fingers crossed for whole wheat ramen noodles!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were a blogger... Ha actually my friend just told me what a blog was like 2 weeks ago... but I think you look great! love you! (its julie lol)