Monday, November 29, 2010

Lazy Sunday Poll.....delayed

I forgot again! 

Ok - here is the LAZY SUNDAY POLL....on Monday: 

Be honest - have you blogged every day this month?

I double checked in my dashboard and I have, twice even on a few days, but I have to admit a few of those days were not quality - or just a picture.  I do remember the other night around 10pm saying, "CRAP!  I HAVEN'T BLOGGED YET TODAY!!!" like it was a national crisis or I had left my car running with it unlocked in the ghetto.

I loved the challenge of NaPLoMOBo (whatever) and felt I rose to the assignment.  I also loved seeing everyone's blog have something new on it every day and I really feel like it was a great way for us to communicate and get to know each other even better.  Even if I don't comment on everyone's blog every day, I really do read all the posts of those in my blog roll eventually.  I will sit down some nights and really catch up and I just love it.  I really do.  I LOVE IT.  Blogging is a passion and a hobby and even though some people don't get it....some people really do.  Thank you to those of you that do.

Good job everyone!  Well done.


Sarah said...

I have! It's very hard for me to believe, but I haven't missed a day. No, not every post is jaw-dropping writing or anything. But they are what they are.

It's been fun. It's been a fun challenge, but it's been more fun - like you said - getting to know everyone else a bit more!

Wendy said...

I've loved this month too! I'll be sad when Wednesday comes. I hope everyone keeps up with their blogs as regularly!

wrestling kitties said...

No, I have not :( I am at 24 posts out of 28 days....bummer.

Though I too have really enjoyed all this blogging and commenting and just seeing what is going on with everyone! It is really fun!

But this month FLEW by. Seriously, where the heck did it go?!

Written Permission said...

I have! It actually wasn't quite as hard as I thought it would be. I loved the challenge of thinking of new things (even if it was just a photo), and really loved reading everyone else's blogs every day, too. It felt like we were all in this together!

I'm actually kind of sad that it's ending. Although I won't miss blogging on the weekends.

Erika Jean said...

Amazingly enough, I have. I did a lot of scheduled posts though. I would have failed if I didn't! My grandparents had NO internet. So for a week I felt like I was living in the stone ages... though I was able to escape to McD's every once and a while. :-)

A agree with you, it has been nice to see new posts on everyone's blog! I've even found a couple new blogs to follow!

Ky • said...

I have! But let's be honest, I pre-write many of my posts.

I usually post everyday throughout the week when it's not NaBloPoMo and skip weekends.

Weekends are REALLLY tough for me.