Monday, November 15, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

HP7 comes out this Friday, November 19th!!!  EEEE!  So exciting. 

I can tell you that I am really happy they split this book into two movies because there was just so much and also because I am not ready for these to be over.  Seriously.  

 Are you excited??


Erika Jean said...

SO excited! I'm hoping to talk my sister into seeing it over thanksgiving!

freckleface said...

My 10 year old just started reading the books. He's on the fourth one (whatever one that is). I bought him the movie collection for Christmas too. He's totally into Harry Potter! I'm sure he'll be caught up by the time part two comes out. We'll make that one an event!

wrestling kitties said...


I just wrote a post about my excitement this week and this was part of it.

I am hoping we can go to the first show Saturday morning/afternoon! And then again a few days later :)

I too am glad they divided it and they will be released about 6 months apart. It would have been WAY too much to do in one movie and it would have sucked.


wrestling kitties said...

I decided to leave my comment here as well about the movie :)

Iris I would loooooove to go to the movie with you!!! BG theater, if you can call it that, SUCKS. No place to watch an epic movie such as this! We usually go to Levis or any theater up that way.

I could go Friday, we also talked about going to an early afternoon show Saturday as Terry works late on Friday and maybe not crazy busy. Are you available Saturday?! If not let me know!! FUN