Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Deuce Bigalow, Toledo Gigalo

On Saturday night, we went to see ROB SCHNEIDER at Connxtions (yes, that is how it is spelled....ghetto!) Comedy Club.  I was so excited - Rob Schneider was a part of the SNL cast that WE grew up with:  Adam Sandler, Mike Meyers, Chris Farley, Chris Rock, Dana Carvey, David Spade, Kevin Nealon - arguably the funniest time of SNL - at least for me. 

Rob did not disappoint.  He was great!  Thank God we were in the back because my laugh is so loud and I just really cannot help it.  I really can't.  I really enjoy seeing actors do stand up because they can get real in person.  He was quick witted, had great stories and opinions, and just funny.  He does wonderful impressions and talked about being short quite often (which he is, and which I love).  He shut down this girl that was sort of heckling him but mainly she would just not shut up.  Why in the world do people in the audience feel the need to comment when there is a professional in the room?  I love it when they get put idiots their place. 

This guy has my dream job.  It seems like he started just screwing around with Adam Sandler, they just took it up a notch, then BAM, they are stars...and get paid a sh*#load for it.  Incredible. 

I am also following him on Twitter now.  He's FUNNY!   He tweeted:  "
I would think Paris Hilton would make part of her assistant's job requirement to carry her drugs for her! That's what mine does!"

Look at all the stuff Rob has done.  Click here for his IMDB listing.

Yes, of course we stayed to get our picture with him!  Here it is:


SassyTimes said...

Ha! The comedy club! How cool that you got to see someone that you know and admired. I love that place....but only when I'm sitting in the back. Somehow, when I sit anywhere visible, the comedian always picks on me. I must have a "my face turns red in an instant" target on me. ;)

Jeff Schaaf said...

He was on a local radio station last Friday morning, and he was very entertaining. He and the host were discussing coffee and tea in the morning. Rob preferred tea, and when he went to grab his cup, it must have been hot because he shouted--"F**K, that's hot!" And then he realized he was on the radio--live. He asked the host if he could bleep that, and the host told him it was too late. It was a funny radio moment. Now that I've typed this, it's not that funny unless you heard it live. Oh well.

Amber said...

Totally the best period of Saturday Night Live! I think Rob Schneider is great. Adam Sandler is my boyfriend. And I love that you mentioned Kevin Nealon. I think he gets forgotten a lot.

So jealous that you got to see him - and have your picture taken with him! Is his smile as captivating in real life as it is on TV? It gets me every time.

Erika Jean said...

So cool that you got to see him! He is hilarious!

B. said...

I love that whole group from Saturday Night Live. Adam Sandler is my favorite, but that is probably because he is my wifes boyfriend. I wish I got to see Rob when he was in town.

I hate how they spell Connxtions I can never find it when I search for it.

freckleface said...

You can dooo eeet!

Iris Took said...

@Freckleface - HAHA! I totally said that to him when I met him and he laughed...and then SAID IT BACK...


@ B - I HATE how they spell their OWN establishment and Rob Schneider totally made fun of it. Awesome.

@ Jeff Schaaf - I laughed out loud when I read your comment. Super funny!

@ Amber - yes. Amazing smile and his head jerk is also extremely funny.

Mickey D. said...

Makin' copies!

That's what comes to my mind.

I love famous people. This is rad.

wrestling kitties said...

Secret...I think he is totally adorable and cute. Yep. He is dorky and I LOVE that.

I think that is awesome you got to meet him. Very very cool and great picture! :)