Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deer just wants a beer

This happened last week, but I really wanted to post it.

BLUFFTON (Kylee!), OH, Luke's Bar and Grill.  This deer busts through the bar and destroys tables and chairs.  I feel bad for the deer, but it is sort of comical since no one was hurt and the deer got out safely.  It looks like the deer is on a pair of roller skates - poor thing. 

Can you imagine what would have happened if this bar was full?  Or if it would have happened at 2am?  That would have been a bad scene.  

Here is the news version:

Here is the YouTube Version that shows different angles from the bar.  Notice the bartender that gets ON TOP of the bar. 


Written Permission said...

HA!! Only in Bluffton. :)

Ky • said...


NO WAY!!!!!!!

(MISS YOU! Sal is sitting next to me working right now.)

Nadja said...

What do you suppose that bartender was planning on doing from atop the bar? Curious.

Did you watch the interviews they did with patrons? Loved them.