Friday, November 26, 2010

Bridesmaid dress shopping - success!

Dress shopping was a total success!

I made an appointment with David's Bridal on a whim before our appointment with another local bridal boutique.  I was not expecting to be impressed but I was.  Not only was the staff knowledgeable and courteous, but the dress selection was quite extensive.  My bridesmaids (only two were with me for the first appointment) tried a few on and really liked two of them.  They were both great prices.  I mean really.

Next we hit the local boutique and didn't find anything that wowed us and also the dresses were double and triple the cost.  Plus you had to all get dressed and undressed in the same room.  Some people are ok with that, but I was not really.  As a modest person, I am not one to just whip off my shirt...even in front of my best friends and sisters.

So, we headed back to David's with everyone (save one bridesmaid who could not be there) and decided on a the short, strapless dress in truffle (which is chocolate brown for the layman).  Bonus:  they have pockets! 

Click here to view the dress - it will open with red, so click on TRUFFLE.  I have to say, they look better in person.  I had seen this dress online and didn't give it a second thought, but in person, they look much nicer.

Success!  Thanks David.


Nadja said...

Oh, Een. Those dresses are fantastic. The look like celebrity red carpet dresses.

I did the same thing. I thought the fancy little boutiques would be so superior. I wound up getting the perfect dresses at David's.

Erika Jean said...

I could neverrr pull off a dress like that, but they are SUPER cute!!

Sassytimes said...


I think those are the same dresses my friend had in black and all the girls loved them. They really looked sharp too!

I also loved David's compared to the other fancy Toledo boutiques.

Ky • said...

Omg. I love them.
(I do. Ask C. I just said it out loud to him.)

SO cute. LOVE them.

(LOVE these wedding updates!)

Wendy said...

That dress is so pretty! Your ladies will look HOT!

wrestling kitties said...

That dress is gorgeous!

I know people have had issues with David's, but I loved them. For both my bridesmaids and for getting my dress. And you are right, it is hard to beat the cost.

YAY for getting the dresses!

Anonymous said...

That is the same bridesmaid dress that I am wearing in a friends wedding in May! Ours is in "Horizon". Love it!