Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Toast Mosiac

A museum curator created this mosaic out of TOAST for her mother-in-law's birthday!  How cool is that?  Full article here

This kind of thing always intrigues me for several reasons:
1)  How long do you think it took to toast all that bread?
2)  How many pieces of toast do you think you would have eating in the process?
3)  How on EARTH does anyone know how to do this?
4)  Is there a chart of burntness for different parts of the face? 

I think this kind of art is so incredibly cool.  This story must have knocked something loose in my brain because it made me think of a story we read when we were kids called The Giant Jam Sandwich:

Have you read this ?  Basically, they baked an ENORMOUS loaf of bread and spread it with Jam and ate it.  There were helicopters involved.  Pretty awesome.  I might need to buy this book again for some light reading. 


Written Permission said...

I LOVED THAT BOOK. OMG, I'd completely forgotten about it. I wonder if my parents still have it? I should totally buy it for my niece... Yay, Giant Jam Sandwich! :)

That toast mosaic is amazing! I agree -- how would anyone know how to do this??

Ky • said...

OMG. I love toast.

And no! I've never read that book!?!?! I need to get it for Lila.

31derful said...

I LOVED that book! Thanks for reminding me that it existed.