Friday, October 8, 2010

San Marcos Grocery

I have been meaning to post about this and what better day than FRIDAY!

A few weeks ago, we ventured to SAN MARCOS Grocery on Broadway Street.  Folks, this is right by the High Level Bridge Downtown Toledo just so you get the picture.  I have been hearing from our Chef and Sous Chef at work that this place has the most amazing authentic Mexican Food in the city.  Iin fact, they even eat there once a week. 

This place is a grocery store, a deli, and a hot counter that really does whip out the most amazing, authentic food.  It's called a taqureia which in Spanish mean Taco Shop (Kylee, please stop laughing at me).  You just sit down, if you can find a spot, find a "waiter," order, and hope for the best.  You sort of feel like an idiot the first time you go, but the next time is easier.  Danny ended up getting a burrito with beef tongue (not on purpose), but it WAS good.  I stuck with the chicken tacos with the corn tortillas - heaven!  We also ordered some kind of soup and I am still not quite sure what was in it, but we think pork and hominy.  Delicious.

This food was so fresh and incredible, everyone MUST go to San Marcos.  Since it does not have a website (YES, it's THAT authentic), here's the information:

Name: San Marcos Grocery
Street: 235 Broadway Street
Toledo, oh 43604-8801
Phone: (419) 244-2373

After your lunch/dinner, please peruse the store for fun Mexican groceries.  It's a gas (no pun intended).  The store has crazy things in it that you won't see at Kroger like Jesus candles, and you can also find lots of fun and international sodas like Fanta and coconut water.  This is great for adventurous eaters! 


wrestling kitties said...

mmmmm, sounds delicious!

My husband would LOVE the beef tongue....wants me to make it for him but I refuse. I need to check this place out

Ky • said...

I laughed. This is awesome!

Ah... but do they have Jesus plates? :) (See my blog today.)

Awesome - I love hearing about the hidden gems of Toledo. This definitely sounds like one. :)

Kate said...

Jeff went there with Library staff when he was working there. He said it's amazing. I'm intimidated to go. Silly, I know. Maybe we should meet there for a lunch soon?? Tuesday of course :)

Sami Lea said...

this place is amazing - i used to go there all the time when i was in toledo!