Thursday, October 7, 2010

Powerful Women: The Forbes List

Forbes published yesterday the WORLD'S 100 most powerful women.  Michelle Obama tops the list at number ONE, followed by Irene Rosenfeld (CEO, Kraft Foods), and then then Oprah, the top three are no shockers.  Click here for full the list, Click here for the gallery.

What does not necessarily shock me, but rather disappoint me is that LADY GAGA and BEYONCE are in the top ten.  WHAT?  People, this is an international list, can we really say that Lady Gaga is in the top ten?  How sad is our world that just because we are forced to know who Lady Gaga IS because she and her music* are shoved in our face she lands the top ten of most powerful women?  Pop culture is powerful but COME ON.  Wearing a meat dress vs. being the First Lady?  I don't really like the Oprah show itself, but I can fully admit that Oprah is an amazing person and a powerful mogul.  Cone-shaped bras and weird sunglasses?  We've seen that before.

An article I found on Yahoo! quoted:

In compiling this year's list, the magazine said it opted to "look up and out into the broader culture."
"Our assessment is based less on traditional titles and roles and more on creative influence and entrepreneurship."

That criteria makes me feel better but still, this is my blog, and I needed to get my opinion out.

 *PS If Lady Gaga's peeps are reading this blog, I do like her music and listen to it regularly for working out purposes or on a party bus.  It's catchy.

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Anonymous said...

It should surprise you that Michelle Obama is #1. Just another example how the Democratic media is shoving her down our throats. Where was Laura Bush on that list 3 or 4 years ago? Top 5 only one year, 2004, an election year! So, in the 2 years that Obama has been POTUS, the First Lady is #1 now? Ridiculous. What surprises me is that more people aren't surprised by this. People under Michelle Obama on the list are 3 Supreme Court Justices, Sec. of State, and Numerous Presidents and Queens.