Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I actually had to look this up after I saw it on WK's blog:

What is MUAH?

MUAH is "The sound of giving a kiss"

I have seen people put this in texts and on Facebook but I always thought it was like crazed-out laughing.  You know, maniacal, scheming laughter?  MUAH-hahahah!


Now it's ruined for me.  How is THAT a kiss noise?


Ky • twopretzels.com said...

(I thought it was a maniacal, scheming laugh, as well.)

wrestling kitties said...


We spell is MWAH...with a W because I agree MUAH IS an evil laugh!!!

We started doing that about 6 years ago when T. started making that sound to me when I went to bed or we got off the phone, we also use it at the end of texts! It is totally our thang :) But we definitely use the W!!

(I love that you googled it....You make me smile!)

Anonymous said...

you are not alone Weeno