Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HCG Shot

Have you heard about this?  Have you tried it?  I am NOT doing this so don't think that for a minute, I just want to talk about it and hear what everyone else thinks about the HCG Shot/Drop for Weight Loss.

According to what I have read, the HCG Shot was originally intended for fertility in women and men, administered by injection and it originated in the 50s.  What "experts" were finding was that it was causing dramatic loss in fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.   HCG stands for human growth hormone.  **NOTE**  I am obviously not a doctor and this is my blog so this is just a summary of what I have read and hear from several people that are either doing this or are going to try it.

Ok, back to the facts.

So, now that researchers know that this causes big weight loss, they have this plan laid out for success:
  • Take HCG in droplet form that you take under your tongue.  
  • Consume 500 calories a DAY
  • Eat only organic and avoid chemicals
  • I can't find the diet specifically but I have heard it is fruit, vegetables, lean meat and no carbs (obviously no alcohol and no soda).
Click here for one article. 

This website sells HGC Droplet and claims that it is homeopathic and that you won't be dizzy or weak with this product.  This website talks about the origin of this method and the doctor who invented it.  They also address the fact that is is controversial but go on to say that the controversy is "made out of thin air."

I did read some message boards and some posters reported amazing weight loss.  Others reported:
  • Hair loss
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Being winded
  • Extreme Exhaustion

You are not supposed to be on this diet for long periods of time - 45-60 days at the most.  This of for very overweight people but I can just see high school girls doing this before prom to lose 10 pounds to get to 90 - ugh.  DO NOT get me started on that train of thought. 

For me, this is a definite NO.  The 500 calories a day alone turns me off (I would not be able to exercise let alone function) but the growth hormone?  I am not even sure what that does to your body.  Not worth it.

What are your thoughts please?  We have been discussing this at work and I said I would put this on my blog because my blog friends are opinionated (in a loving way, of course).  I'd love your comments.


Jeff Schaaf said...

I think it is a scam. Look at the diet--fruits, veggies, lean protein--plus it's caloric limitation. Anyone who eats healthy, manageable portions should lose weight. If you really think you need a pill or drop to lose weight, I have some Miracle Elixir that Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson sold me in the Say, Say, Say video that I'd share with you.

AthenaBee said...

Yeah, out of all that all I'm sitting here thinking "500 calories?!?"

Ky • said...

Friend, just about 15-20 people in my office have done this shot.

They started off with physicals to make sure that they could do it (testing vitals, blood pressure, etc.) - then after they were approved they started.

I believe nearly all of them have finished their first 44 days of the HCG shot, and now they are taking time off, doing a group boot camp - and if some had a lot of weight to lose, they're going to start the shot again.

I'm skeptical. Hormones terrify me.

However, from a merely superficial place I can safely say that my office-mates LOOK GREAT. I'm talking 40 lbs here, 50 lbs there, 10 lbs here... it's incredible.

Would I ever do it? Absolutely not.

Does it get results? MOST certainly it does.

(I swear, they try EVERYTHING first in Mexico.)

Sarah said...

3 People in my office have done this as well - the shots, not the drops.

Yes, they all lost weight.

2 of them pretty much gained it back, because they let the diet part go to hell afterward.

It is what it is. You're only eating 500 calories a day...anyone would loose weight doing that. But to inject hormones for that?

wrestling kitties said...

I don't like it & it doesn't make sense. I also don't like the idea of putting extra hormones into your body.

I think if you can eat only 500 calories a day then that is all you would need to do. I don't get what the hormone would do extra? I read that it increases your metabolism, however if you think about it...if you are only eating 500 calories you are most likely eating veggies, fruits, and maybe beans - all of which will increase your metabolism & energy anyways. Not to mention those few of calories will dramaticly increase your weight loss. So I am not seeing what the point is, unless it is also an appetite suppressant. Now if you were losing alot of weight taking these drops while eating 1200 calories....then maybe it would seem more impressive. This doesn't.

The last 4 days on my diet I have eaten between 600-900 calories. Surprisingly I have more energy because I am eating foods that my body easily digests and that give me a sustained amount of natural energy. I even have energy to workout and have lost a few pounds already, and I don't need drops to help me with that.

I have this website where I track my calories and that tells you based on the number of calories you eat what you will weigh in 5 weeks. Eating between 600-900 calories every day would have me losing about 25-30 pounds in 5 weeks if I choose to do that. (which I am not) And that is without any hormones.

I guess I just don't see the benefit, you know? Plus I bet they would gain alot of it back when they started eating other foods.