Monday, October 11, 2010


We had a pig roast over the weekend - if you have ever been to a pig roast you will know that they are not only really interesting, but also produce the most amazing pulled pork ever.  Unless you are vegetarian, then you will most likely hate this entire thing.

We took it to the next level, well, my sister Bob really took it to the next level by naming the pig ERNIE and putting the head on a steak.  Then, she carried it around all night and sort of danced with it.  Adding a cigarette was a nice touch.

Here's me kissing Ernie - guess who's holding the pole?  Yes, there was alcohol involved.


Anonymous said...

BAAAHHHHHH! i just blasted like Moe!
Ern dog and I had such a great time at your party!


Erika Jean said...

lol. the cig is hilarious! We used to do a pig roast at family reunions up in Michigan. Not a fan of the meat though ;-)

wrestling kitties said...


I love pig roasts!! Can't say I have ever been to one where the pig head was put on a stick....but they are lots of fun! And the pulled pork IS always awesome

SassyTimes said...

I love pig roasts!!! But, would take A LOT o' alcohol to make me kiss the pig. ;)