Friday, October 8, 2010

....aaaaaand now about dieting....

Haha!  This is my life.  I just posted about Tacos and then I recieved an email from Beachbody IMMEDIATELY - somebody's trying to keep me on track!

There was a list of suggestions in this newsletter, some good, some DUMB.  Here was the one that I thought was super dumb and I can't do. 

Find healthy versions of your favorite guilty pleasures. Stock your kitchen with those instead.  
Fight back: Craving ice cream? A creamy low-fat yogurt could hit the spot. Want the crunch of chips? Try snacking on fresh red peppers, sliced jicama, or baked kale chips (they're easy to make, and astonishingly tasty).
Pay attention to portion size. You don't need to eat heaping helpings. 
Fight back: If you absolutely must have ice cream, grab a teacup instead of a bowl. You'll get the taste you crave, but in a much smaller serving.

I was literally laughing out loud.  NO ONE in their RIGHT MIND that wants chips will reach for JICAMA and say, wow.  I'm satisfied.  No one even knows what jicama IS for cripes sake!

I am all or nothing.  I have to cut out dessert and chips entirely when I am dieting.  I can't count out 12 chips and be happy.  NO chips in the house when I'm trying to lose weight.  NO ice cream.  Weigh in days I maaaaay hit Handel's on the way home. 

But that's between me and my Jeep.


    wrestling kitties said...

    Uh, I am with you.

    I mean, really Beachbody.....jicama or kale chips?! Astonishingly tasty....yeah maybe compared to the wheatgrass your drink every morning.

    I try to buy healthier versions of snacks to keep in my house. Instead of chips (which I don't even like but WILL eat if they are in the house - WTF?!) I like goldfish crackers....about 60 crackers is 150 calories so you feel like you are eating more without too many extra calories and you get the cheese, salt and crunch that comes with them. I have a small container and know how far to fill that up to be about that amount.

    I am with you though, when certain foods are in our house I have a hard time resisting or looking for better options. We have no-bake cookies in our house right now and I had two last night :( Nope, couldn't even just have ONE let alone none....I had to have TWO. boo.

    Sorry beachbody....try again!

    I KID YOU NOT. My word verification is TUBSTER and on a post about dieting!!!


    I think the word verification is making fun of me for saying I ate TWO no-bake cookies and calling me a tubster!! Shame on you BLOGGER!!

    wrestling kitties said...

    Dear Iris:

    I took a picture because I thought it was so funny :)


    Written Permission said...


    That is an affront to people at large.

    I'm with you. Give me Ben and Jerry's, or I'm doing without.

    Ky • said...

    Love this email.

    And, jicama is BIG stuff here... and your friend, Unco C. eats it.

    I'm pretty sure I've never heard him say, "Yeah, these are better than doritos."