Thursday, September 16, 2010

Warning: May burn your thumbs

This summer my garden produced all kinds of fun foodstuffs like tomatoes, herbs, and peppers, specifically, hot ones.  Even more specifically:

The Habanero Pepper.

They look all cute and orange and innocent, but they are little monsters waiting to wreak havoc on you.  It not that they are so spicy in dishes (well, they are actually), it's that I had no idea that I should be wearing gloves while handling them.  Yes, the creepy latex gloves to protect my hands and eyes from these little monsters.

While finely chopping them, no problem.  Scraping them into the pot - totally fine.
Eating dinner - a little spicy.

After dinner I noticed my thumbs tingling a bit.  Washing dishes they really started hurting.  Add hot water - HOLY S*&T!  Not cool.  Fiery actually.  That GD habanero juice got under my thumbs and was not leaving.

I washed my hands over and over to no avail.  Burning thumbs.  I prayed to the patron saint of peppers.  Please stop.  St. Habanero, make it stop.

As I went to bed, my thumbs feeling like they were soaked in extreme icy hot, I didn't realize that taking out my contacts would be a bad move.  It was.  I cried.  Damn you St. Habanero.

Still today my thumbs hurt from those little bastards.  Looks like I need to head to the pervert store and buy some of those gloves.


Erika Jean said...

ouch. Make sure latex that you need...

and.. maybe try some antibacterial hand stuff (the no water stuff) I'm thinking maybe the alcohol would help?

Just a thought. No idea if it works.col

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! AAAHHHH!

I was fine until you took your contacts out. Oh.My.God!

Hoping things cool off soon!

B. said...

I thought that I would let you know that I just had a similar problem, even after I read your post.

I was cutting up a hot banana pepper for some salsa and I rubbed my nose in after the process and my nose was on fire. It was burning bad! The pepper wasn't all that hot, but too hot for my nose that is for sure. I was sweating up a storm.

I will have to learn.

Amber said...

I can attest to B's story. He thought his nose was bleeding!

I hope you're all better now!

P.S. If I ever did this and then told my dad, he'd say 'let this be a lesson to you'. I hate that saying!