Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trading in the Tomatoes

It feels like fall finally and for me, it's a relief.  The hot weather is torture when you are working outside in business cashz and puts me in a bad mood.  A sweaty, sticky, bad mood.  Plus, my hair always tends to suck when it's hot and humid.

When I was a kid, I lived for the summer.  No school, lake season (I still love the lake season), and freedom.  The end of summer was so horrible.  We would dread it.  The back to school commercials were like little torture devices breaking our spirits.  The only thing that made it even tolerable was that we could see our friends again (and sometimes that wasn't worth it), and that our birthdays were in the fall (Sal too).

It's funny how I love the fall now.  The fall weather is so much more comfortable and since I don't have to go back to school but rather continue working, there is no dread.  Football starts, the local food changes, and the holidays are on deck.  It's a fun time of year.

This all occurred to me today when chopping very crappy tomatoes.  I was sad that my garden is officially done and the tomatoes in the store are once again - in a word - disgusting.  There's nothing like a summer tomato grown in your own garden.  I felt better when I ate my 10a.m. snack at 9.  It was an apple that had the best crunch and flavor - the sticker said it was from Michigan.  Awesome.  Welcome to the fall.


SassyTimes said...

Oh man... when I was a kid/teen, I LOVED Summer. I think I'm leaning more toward Fall now that I have kids. It's just a lot more fun. The temperatures are cooler so you can stay outside longer, everything is more cozy, the food is to die for and their is just a lot of excitement in the air. I love it.

...and we're going apple picking next weekend! Can't wait.

wrestling kitties said...

To me the only thing I really liked about the summer when I was younger (even up till college) was just that I didn't have to go to school. I mean, how great is that. But I still didn't like the heat back then, but because I was at the pool alot it didn't matter. Now I have to work so summer just seems like a big waste of my time and the electricity it takes to keep my air conditioning running somewhere between frigid and cool.

I prefer the clothes of Fall over the clothes of summer as I like to be comfortable and not have to worry about shaving every day. I don’t like that I sweat 10x as much in the summer than I do in the Fall. I don’t like the bugs. My hair and I really do not like humidity. I could just keep going. Fall is MY season. I LOOOOOVE it so much. The smell, the cool evenings, sitting by the fire, apple cider…I just love it all. Even today, though it is not as humid, I am not happy that it is almost 90 degrees outside. WTF? You had your months summer, move over and give Fall its chance before winter gets here!

I think the only thing I really like about summer is the release of big summer movies, that there are only a few BGSU students in BG, basil, and awesome veggies. Yep, that is it.