Friday, September 17, 2010


If you need a movie to just mindlessly watch, please rent MacGruber.  I'm telling you, it's also hilarious.  It's a spin-off of an SNL skit, and it's that low brow humor that you can just enjoy after a week of work.  No analyzing, no thinking.  It's a short, turn your brain off movie...and you LAUGH.  Who doesn't want that sometimes?  Or, all the time....

Will Forte as MacGruber.  You've seen him in all kinds of stuff you can't remember.  His mullet looked real.
Kristen Wiig makes me laugh in everything she is in - even if the skit is dumb on SNL, she is still incredible.
Ryan Phillipe is not someone I usually enjoy but he was also a good cast.  HUH!  Comedy becomes him.
Val Kilmer as the villain Dieter VonKunth.  I think you know where this is going.  The jokes didn't really get old though.  Ice Man!

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