Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Sal!


Oh, Bob, I love you so much and you are such a wonderful and fun sister.  I am happy when we are together and when we are not I wish we were.  Only you could be chosen to be a "groomsmaid" in two weddings this summer. 

PS Bob is my nickname for Sal because she had a bobbed haircut once and the obvious nickname stuck.  We're weirdos like that.


Ky • said...

Yay! It's Sal's birthday! Happy Birthday, Sal.

And, what a wonderful treat to see all three of the beautiful D. sisters are the blog.

I'm telling you - I might not get to THREE of my own, but I absolutely am THRILLED to be having TWO little girls who will hopefully be as close as ya'll.

Anonymous said...

OH WEENO! i love you so much! thanks for the post, you know how excited i get!

i always have always will love our weirdness and would not be me without out it. i'm crying now.

ahhh love you!!!! talk to you in like 10 seconds.

wrestling kitties said...

Happy Birthday Bob!! :)

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

(And as someone who is VERY close to her sister, this post just makes me smile and get all warm and fuzzy...shhhhh don't tell!)