Friday, September 10, 2010


Barf. It's nasty.

I just saw a pile a barf in a parking lot and it really gave me the barfing sensation.

I'd rather see feeces or a bloody arm or roadkill.

Not vomit, hurl, spew, upchuck, or puke. Sick.


Ky • said...


And I'd like to thank you for not taking a picture of that and uploading it to your blog. :)

Iris Took said...

YEAH RIGHT! I couldn't even get near it let alone snap a photo of it. **GAG**

wrestling kitties said...

Ugh...gross. Blech

Upchuck!!! hahaha, I love that word

wrestling kitties said...

After reading this I started thinking of that scene in Four Christmases where the baby pukes and Vince is hacking and like "I am going to do it too". haha....this reminded me of that :)

Anonymous said...

a bloody arm made me LOL!