Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wedding Poll: The Bar

We are still trying to tie down the reception venue.  Right now, we have a favorite (I don't want to say what it is for fear of them receiving a Google alert and reading this post).  It has so much history, a beautiful lobby, a large and unobstructed event space, a gorgeous white terrazzo dance floor, and I like the location. 

The one thing is that they serve keg beer - even with the top shelf liquor package!  Am I being too picky or is this a big deal?  I'm not a priss and love a good keg party, but not at a nice event.  I have been known to do a keg stand or two, but again, not a wedding.  I feel like most people hate draft beer and if it comes in plastic cups I think that looks really chintzy.  I need to confirm on the glassware selection (or if it's plastic - which I really hope it's not).  Am I being snobby?

I am working with them right now on other options but I would like to know what you think.

Give me your opinions and thoughts....


Erika Jean said...

I think if people don't have to pay for their beer - they won't mind so much ;-) It'd be different (in my opinion) if there was not an open bar and only draft to buy!

Plastic cups... I hope not - unless they are "fancier" plastic cups?

SassyTimes said...

I also think that if people aren't paying, they won't mind too much...BUT people ALWAYS have something to complain about regarding a wedding. If it's just the headache they get from the draft beer, than you are doing AWESOME! ;)

I can't imagine them having your guests drink from plastic cups...that would be odd. I would think they use glassware.

Ky • said...

To answer your question - would I be offended by drinking keg beer? Absolutely and positively not. In all honesty, I kind of like the idea.

Secondly - if it bothers you that they may be serving out of plastic, perhaps you could mandate that they use glassware through dinner and until a certain time in the reception -- then switch to plastic so as to protect the dance floor/dancers?

Honestly, Een-a-roo -- I would be FAR TOO BUSY celebrating this fantastic event to care about the beer. You could serve natural light out of beer bong hats and I'd still be ridiculously pleased.

We love you.

Craig said...

Lets be real. Anyone offended by free draft beer is a snob and unwelcome if you ask me.

I think it's an AWESOME idea and would be happy to partake in a number of them (beers).

Een, we'll be to busy celebrating to worry about it.

Iris Took said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate your opinions and feel you have good points.

Anonymous said...

If you love the venue i definitely don't think this is a dealbreaker.


Amber said...

I'm probably not qualified to comment since I don't drink beer, but I really, truly don't think keg beer would cause all your guests to dig through the gift pile til they found a box or paper they liked (not necessarily their own) and high-tail it to the nearest bottle beer-selling establishment.

Kate said...

I agree with the rest of the comments. Would a beer list 20 pages long of rarities, imports and microbrews be the "best" option? Absolutely in a perfect world. But I don't know where you would find that or anyone who cares about the two of you that would complain about the keg beer. Move on to the next issue and let this one go :) Besides, by the end of the night, you may find yourself mid keg stand, drowning in your dress loving every minute of your decision to go with the kegs! Best wedding photo ever :)