Friday, August 6, 2010

Think Geek DOT com

Last Christmas I had purchased one of these cute little plush animals and today I happened to stumble across the website that sells them.

THINKGEEK.COM sells all kids of gadgets, gear, techie stuff (both useful and not) and items such as sushi plushies (too cute to eat):
Perusing further, I found the MICROBES!  They are so funny to me.  While in the UT bookstore I was picking them up, one by one, and seriously CRACKING up like a baglady.  Here are a few:

Beer Yeast (haha!  Look at his horns!)

Bad Breath (but he looks so cute!)

E. Coli (sick, this looks like those dumb twins from The Matrix Reloaded)

Heart worm (haha!  the HEART!)

Check out the whole gang here

Live long and prosper.

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