Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thank you notes

When I was young, my Mom used to sit me down and make me write thank you notes for everything (I hated it) - birthday gifts, first communion gifts, graduation gifts, you  know the drill.  She taught me the proper form on how to write the note:
1)  Always address the person and use their name
2)  Thank them for the gift and mention what the actual item was
3)  Let the giver know how much you like, have used, or WILL use the gift
4)  Always call money - THE GIFT OF MONEY - and never, Good Lord, NEVER, mention the amount (that's just tacky)
5)  End the card with "Thanks again" to be sure that the giver knows how much you appreciate your gift
6)  Mail it in a timely manner (1-2 weeks)

Who knew my Mom was Martha Stewart?  Thank you Mom for teaching me such an invaluable gift of writing skills and also etiquette.  I try my best to get thank you notes and cards out and absolutely LOVE receiving them.  For our engagement, I was just so incredibly touched by how many people sent me a card in the actual mail - not just email (although I love emails!) and I really enjoy opening them and displaying them.  Side note - letter openers are incredible.

Do you send letters/cards/notes?  Love getting them?


Amber said...

I still send letters/card/notes. Real, tangible birthday cards. Handmade (by me) Christmas, Halloween and Valentine's Day cards.

I love getting them, but hardly ever do. I think it's a dying form of communication. Tear.

Ky • said...

I *adore* letters and cards. (Moving to Mexico was tough for me since the mail here is pretty much non-existent.)

There is NOTHING better than receiving a card that someone HAND-WROTE, HAND-ADDRESSED and had to put effort into mailing. Love it. Love it. LOVE it.

The whole process is a lost, but treasured art, if you ask me.

And, Ang did it right. My Mom made me do the EXACT same thing within the same "rules" that your Mom mentioned. "NEVER MENTION THE AMOUNT OF MONEY" and "ALWAYS REFER TO IT AS A GIFT OF MONEY."

Love it.

(I remember being SO MAD that I couldn't cash or even DEPOSIT my high school graduation checks until every thank you note was finished.)

The Diva said...

I am awful at sending Thank You notes. I understand the importance of them but they are so time consuming...and after doing 5 or so in a row I feel like they lack sincerity. I would much rather call and thank each person if I thought that was an option. So...I still haven't done them since the wedding. Although, I kinda figure I'm doing ok since I at least got the shower ones out before the wedding. Do you think it's too late to send them from my first wedding though? I never did those.

SassyTimes said...

I LOVE getting cards, notes, etc. in the mail. I love anything hand written. It makes me feel special in a way...that someone took time (time is precious!!) out of their day to sit down and hand write something, address it and send it to ME! It sends me to an instant happy place.