Monday, August 16, 2010

Running of the Brides

Check this sh*t out -
Running of the Brides is happening this year in Cleveland at Filene's basement on 8/27/10.  You can snag a designer wedding dress for $249, $499, and $699 (some of them marked down from THOUSANDS).  My cousin did this last year and got a fabulous dress that she looked amazing in but obviously went through hell to get it.  It's a good story too. 

I am all for a good story and a great deal, but my Lord, this intimidates me.  I read on the website that one year, it took just 36 seconds for all the 3000 gowns to get stripped off the racks and the brides to start hoarding and bartering with them.  THIRTY SIX SECONDS?  It takes me longer than that to go to the bathroom.  Also on the website, they give you tips on how to divide and conquer.  Holy crap, it's like Viking Brides attacking Gossamer City.  I just don't think I am cut out for that kind of cut throat shopping.

My questions are:
1)  Is this worth it?
2)  Would you find this fun?
3)  You know you just basically get naked with everyone around right?
4)  Do you think you could actually find a dress you liked in all this madness?

Read the FAQ for ROTB on Filene's website here.  It's funny.  Here's my favorite question: 
I’ve heard all kinds of stories about how people behave at this sale—are they true? 

Haha!  Basically this means:  "Are bitches crazy at this madhouse?"   

Yes, bitches be crazy, and bitches be shoppin'.  



Sarah said...

No thank you.

I'm not sure I could ever do this. I liken it to (what I think) the madness is the day after Thanksgiving. I have no interest in being around that many crazed people, just to save a buck, or 2. :)

makes me annoyed just thinking about it!

Wendy said...

Are the girls just grabbing ANY dress they can get their paws on, no matter the size or style? If that's the case, no thanks! I'm all for finding a sale, but that just seems like unneccesary stress! If I were put into that situation I'd probably get trampled because I'm a conflict-avoider. Ha!

I LOVE YOUR RING! It's gorgeous!!!

Jeff Schaaf said...

This seems like a possible solution to finding Bin Laden. Tell a bunch of crazy brides that he is hiding with tons of free wedding dresses. He'd be flushed out in no time--most likely by the chick who kept telling the lady to "Let go. These are mine."

wrestling kitties said...

Nope, NO WAY! I already LOATHE shopping and would never be able to just grab some random dress while some bitches were pushing me around. I would be that lady on the news that punched someone, not because they took my dress but because they were annoying and all up in my bizzness.

Besides, I was actually SO surprised at how fun dress shopping was. I am NOT a girly girl and kind of was not looking forward to the dress shopping. I had an idea of a plain, simple dress and I was going to go in, try one or two dresses on and leave. We went in the morning during the week when no one was there and stayed a couple hours trying on dresses while NO ONE else was in the store. It was awesome and I ended up getting and LOVING this dress that was totally the opposite of what I ever thought I would get. It was big, bedazzled, embroidered, and gorgeous! I think I enjoyed the experience way too much to widdle it down to 39 seconds of craziness for a dress I may like!