Friday, August 27, 2010

The Question of the Day

TGIF fellow blogger and faithful readers!  Today on one of the morning talk shows, the hosts were discussing a poll taken by Americans.

What would you rather be:
A)  Richer
B)  Thinner
C)  Smarter
D)  Younger

What do you think was the #1 response?  In this economy, not surprisingly - richer was the number one response. Interesting article here.

I guess I would like to be richer as well, but who wouldn't (well, the other 57% wouldn't, but...).  I vote thinner - as always - because it's something I think about constantly.  However, if I had all the money in the world I would have more time and resources to...see!  This is hard.  Money is not everything, and your health is.  Thinner.  Yes, thinner.  I have everything I want right now.  A fiancee, Family, friends, a job!  Life is good.

I can say that I am happy with my intelligence level and continue towards furthering my education.  I do not wish to be younger because I have experienced life well so far and am looking forward to the future.  In other words you could not pay me to go back to high school.

What would you rather be???


Trophy Life said...

I'd say younger for me. I don't have major regrets but a secret part of me would like to live the last 15 years over (knowing what i know now).

Erika Jean said...


I think I'd have a better chance of being richer, and looking younger if I were thinner.

I'm already a genius! ;-) Or so I like to think.

wrestling kitties said...

Younger is not that big of a deal, that is why I married someone 7 years older than me so I always feel younger! And smarter....well I ain't gonna be gett'n smarter anytime I am fine with whats I gots ;)

this is a toss up between richer and thinner. I really want to be thinner and like you said health is important but when you are in debt and trying to send someone to school so we can be done with this phase of our life and go to the next the richer thing does sound good!

2 years ago = thinner. Right now = richer. In 2 years = thinner! :)