Thursday, August 12, 2010

McNuggets ARE Good, but really.....

You MUST watch this video.   It was just released to the public.

Toledo, OH  New Years Day.  A woman is so upset that McDonald's does not serve McNuggets for breakfast that she punches the drive-thru attendant in the face and throws a bottle of beer through the window, shattering it.  I enjoyed how the worker tries to defend herself and manages to get a chunk of her blond rat's nest.  Remind me not to hit up this McDonald's next time I feel like binging.  

Holy Crap.

How bad of a night do you have to have to freak out that badly?  I can tell you that I have felt like punching someone in the face when I asked for a Shamrock Shake on March 19th and I KNOW they still have them, but I restrained myself.  I'm classy.

I love the commentary from Tony Geftos that says, "She apologized to the court and said she had been drinking."  Oh really?  Good explanation.  Oh, you'd been drinking, then no problem.  I cannot believe Taco Bell doesn't have more incidences like this. 

This made national news.  Good press for Toledo.


B. said...

That video was CRAZY, I would have loved to hear what was being said.

Stay classy T-Town!

Anonymous said...

So she was drunk at 10 in the morning. Does that make her a bad person? No just drunk and hungry.

wrestling kitties said...

I mean McNuggets ARE pretty awesome, but comeon lady how many of us don't get to eat the delicious McDonalds breakfast because they stop serving at 10 and we are not out of bed yet on the weekends. I think you lost out because you should have taken advantage of the time you were there and got some pancakes and sausage instead!

Oh and I like how they casually mention drinking. She was drinking and in her car DRIVING! Good thing the only thing she did was throw her bottle of Budweiser through a McDonalds and didn't kill someone on her way to get those McNuggets.

Stay trashy Toledo Lady.

Oh and Taco Bell doesn't have problems because how can you be upset when you can get food for 8 people for like $4....when you are drunk and have been spending $6 a shot to impress a girl who ends up never coming home with you it is hard to be upset with deals like that! :)