Saturday, August 14, 2010

Man vs. Wild

Hard Core.  People throw that phrase around all the time but it should be reserved only for Bear Grylls of Man vs. Wild.  Have you seen this show?  Basically, Bear guides you on a one hour episode of how to survive some extreme form of wilderness - and it's intense and he's crazy!  Crazy smart.  I watched two the other night and was completely and totally amazed at his skills and abilities - not to mention that I felt like a slovenly moron.  He is so talented - he actually repaired a canoe by melting tree resin!  Seriously!

He is like a super cool, attractive boy scout that also has a amazing accent.  He was talking about glaciers in one episode and pronounced Gla-see-ersss.  That's cool.  At one point, he was down in an ice crevasse and could not see his way out - what?  I am telling you, I was completely nervous.  I was probably more nervous watching the show than he was actually trekking across the wilderness.

And what about the cameramen?  They are cinematographers AND extreme wilderness men?  Geez.  Talk about hardcore.  They have to parachute, dive, climb and spelunk right along with Bear.

Here is the Patagonia Adventure.  Watch out - it's EXTREME:


wrestling kitties said...

I love him! He is totally extreme and I think his cameramen are just as if not more extreme. I would like to see a show filming his cameramen doing all this stuff!

Why did he go down in that hole though, that was just stupid!

Did you see the one with Bear Grylls and Will Ferrell?! Google it, it was funny!

Erika Jean said...

I tend to like Survivor Man more, he does all the filming himself!! It's not as "Intense" but seems a little more "real to me ;-)

Written Permission said...

LOVE Man vs. Wild! My favorite one featured Mr. Grylls biting into a live fish. Because he needed the protein. I mean, obviously.

(He is rather fetching...and that accent--rowr. :))