Monday, August 16, 2010


Today really is a special day - Happy Birthday to Kylee of the world famous, international blog Two Pretzels.

You rock my world.

You really do.  You inspire us daily with your words.  You make us laugh and cry at our desks and from our phones from across the world.  Thank you for being you and keep it coming.  God Bless you Kylee on your special day.  The world is a better place for people like you.


wrestling kitties said...

Agree Iris, the world is absolutely a better place because of Kylee!!

And without Kylee I would not have met the awesome Iris Took……Kylee you have managed to bring SOOOOO many people together. I mean really, who else could do that?!

Happy Birthday!!

Ky • said...

I love you Een-a-roo, you know I do.

You're a treasure to me. Truly, truly, truly.

I am so pleased to call you friend.

Mickey D. said...

Hooray for Two Pretzel's birthday!