Thursday, August 19, 2010

I made the newspaper!

If you read the Toledo Free Press, you may have already read yesterday's edition which included a section that showcased unique wedding venues in Toledo.   It just so happens that I was quoted about our very own Zoo for our wedding venues.  Excellent!  We really do offer wonderful sites and services.  I encourage you to read the article.  The paper shows a gorgeous picture I submitted but it was left out of the online version.

Here is the link to the article:

Visit the Zoo's website here:

Any questions??


wrestling kitties said...

YAY!!!! How exciting!

That is actually a great article with great ideas....way to go Free Press!

Are you registering for the: Win a $14,000 ‘Running of the Brides’ bridal package that was offered at the top of the article? Besides the stuff in Cleveland, there were some sweet things you could win! You should know because you are GETTING MARRIED!! AAHHHH! (LOVE IT!)

Anonymous said...

woo hoo you are big time een :) i love weddings at the zoo