Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't lie about ice cream

While in line at Lickety Split* (local ice cream shop in Toledo), I was eavesdropping listening to this mother and her kids.

Mom:  "What do you want?"
Kid:  "Chocolate with bubble gum!"
Mom:  "No, come on now, that's gross."
Kid:  "But I want to try it!  It sounds good to me."
Mom:  "NO, they don't even make that kind here."

I am not a Mom.  I AM however a big fan of ice cream and creativity.  Why wouldn't you let your little booger experiment and get what he wants especially if it's all just sugar anyway?  I can see if you were trying to get him to eat a healthy dinner and he was ordering ice cream, but when it's a treat, why restrict the FLAVOR?

Trying not to judge, I just couldn't help but think she was squashing his imagination.  Maybe it's the coolest new flavor out there?  Ben and Jerry have come up with some crazy crap.  Did you see that Bacon Chocolate bar I posted a while back?

Parents, enlighten me.

*Lickety Split is supposedly owned by a pair of lesbians.  Ha!


Amber said...

Oooo, I strongly dislike imagination squashers!

SassyTimes said...

The ONLY reason I can think of is not wanting your kid to have real bubblegum, for fear of them getting it stuck somewhere....but, I'm assuming this is just bubblegum flavoring. Not a nice Mommy....let the kid be creative!

Ky • said...

It's ice cream. I'm with SassyTimes - so long as the kid doesn't choke on it, he can eat it with mashed potato-flavored ice cream, if he wants.

P.S. (Bubble gum is the BEST flavor EVER. Besides Superman.)

Wendy said...

Lickety Split, HA! Clever. For the double meaning. Hahaha!

Why would this mean mommy ask the kid what he wanted if she didn't listen to him? Ug. The kid is presented with the plethora of awesomeness that is ice cream, let him get a little creative!

Anonymous said...

I agree, why wouldn't you at least let them try it? Most places let you taste a small spoonful of it...and if they decide after ordering they don't like it, it's not like the Mom had to buy another flavor for the child. Honestly, I took my 4 year old to an ice cream place and she wanted vanilla and I was disappointed that she didn't even get twist! Let the kids be kids and order the crazy're not a kid forever unfortunately!

wrestling kitties said...

Boooooo, Hissssss

Let your kids experiment with food....especially ice cream! Just because you want a sugar-free, fat-free, taste-free, cup of vanilla frozen air don't limit your kids imagination. Let them try new things! boooo

The name of the ice cream shop ROCKS...more so after you mentioned who owned it! AWESOME!!!