Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Big Salad

Have you ever been out to lunch and you debate with yourself over your entree - "I really WANT the cheeseburger, but I'm just going to get the salad.  Just get it, you'll feel better later.  Ooohh, they have buffalo chicken pizza, NO, get the salad!"

So, you order the salad, dressing on the side of course, and when it arrives, it's flippin' huge.  So huge, in fact, that everyone else not only notices, but comments.

"WOW!  That's a BIG SALAD!  How will you eat all that?"

"Yeah, that's like 5 pounds of salad!"

"That's not even a manageable lunch."

"You will definitely need a box."

What I would like to say but never to (unless I am with family or friends I may curse around):

1)  "Yeah, it IS big.  A big pile a no calorie items.  I'll be hungry by 3pm."

2)  "Yes, it is a big plate of vegetables.  How's your fat-filled pasta?"

3)  "Take it HOME?  SALAD?  It will be wilty and nasty.  I'm going for it."

4)  "Uh, don't judge me, this is healthy.  Healthy foods are bulky and take up space."

5)  "Mind your own GD business."

Ahhhh, there!  I've said it.

That said, go to Bar Louie at Levis Commons for lunch.  They have awesome BIG SALADS and other fattening items if you are so inclined.


Mickey D. said...

I love Bar Louie's pear salad! So delicious. And I don't even use the dressing they give you. So I'm ok with eating the entire darn thing!

B. said...

I just ate a salad and opted for the lunch portion figuring that the large was obnoxiously large. I think I made a good choice after this post with the George Costanza clip. Thank you for the reassurance.

Lauren Tracy said...

I completely agree about not boxing salad. I never do. They are so wilted, even hours later!

SassyTimes said...

I LOVE a big salad...and I always want to give an eye roll when the waitress asks me if I want a box when there is just a bunch of lettuce left over.

"YES, please!! I can't wait to eat this soggy, wilted lettuce later!" ;)