Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aerosmith: Tonight at the Palace!

  Tonight we are seeing Aerosmith at the Palace!  I am super excited and have never seen Aerosmith but they have been on my list of greats to see.  Here is a set list that the current tour has been rocking.  I will review for you tomorrow.  Sammy Hagar is opening (the Red Rocker!).  What's the best concert you have been to?  Who have you always wanted to see?

    1. Eat The Rich 
    2. Back in the Saddle 
    3. Love in an Elevator 
    4. Falling in Love (is Hard on the Knees) 
    5. Pink 
    6. Dream On 
    7. Livin' on the Edge 
    8. Jaded 
    9. Kings And Queens 
    10. Crazy 
    11. Cryin' 
    12. Drum Solo 
    13. Lord Of The Thighs 
    14. Joe Perry Guitar Battle 
    15. Stop Messin' Around (Fleetwood Mac cover) 
    16. What It Takes P
    17. Sweet Emotion 
    18. Baby, Please Don't Go (Big Joe Williams cover) 
    19. Draw the Line 
    20. Encore:
    21. Walk This Way
    22. Toys in the Attic 


Sarah said...

Don't judge, but Marilyn Mason had one of the best stage shows I've ever seen! (at an Ozzfest)

Rob Zombie was one of the best shows ever! (at Joe Louis arena, but I would NEVER, EVER see a concert there again! The acoustics were absolutely horrendous!)


Keith Urban! He had an amazing set and he was so, so personal (it was right after his time in rehab).

But one thing that I've seen 5 times, and I'd do it again, was seeing Ozzy (or Black Sabbath) at Ozzfest. He always comes on just after it gets dark, you're outside, huge crowd, beer in hand...it's awesome. The first time I saw him it was a little surreal!

wrestling kitties said...

Do NOT know how I missed this post before.

I bet Aerosmith would be awesome to see! How was it?

For me. Hands down - IRON FUCK'n MAIDEN!

BEST all around show I have EVER seen. To me, THAT is what a concert should be like. Hard music, big stage show, they sound PERFECT, and just LOUD...I mean really loud!! LOVED IT!

I have always wanted to see The Who and of course will keeping dreaming tha Pink Floyd will do another show. But at this point, I really just want to see BIG concerts. Sorry DMB, I love your music....but I tasted concert awesomeness and I can never go back to just sitting in my seat swaying to the music.