Monday, August 23, 2010

A-1 vs. Big George

I went to Kroger for lunch today (yes, I know) and bought random items since I did not have time to pack my lunch - apple, peanut butter, rice cakes.  It was good, well not really.

While checking out, I was listening to the female cashier and the male bagger banter.

Bagger:  "...I just microwave everything because it's easy and it works good.  Or get a Hot N Ready."
Cashier:  "Really?  Microwaving isn't really cooking and nothing beats home cooking."
Bagger:  "But it's awesome.  I can microwave anything.  Even steak."
Cashier:  "Steak?  That's gross."
Bagger:  "It does get rubbery, but just douse it in A-1, and that's some fine shit right there.  Sometimes, if I wanna get fancy with it, I bust out the George Foreman."


B. said...

"fancy with it" ha ha ha

Ky • said...

Again, I'm going to go ahead and bet that he's single. Microwaved steak? Come on.

Ky • said...

Actually, I bet it was that Kroger employee who eats microwaves steak that you were driving behind in the "kottage" on 75 North.


wrestling kitties said...

Yeah, he has to be single! Microwave a steak...I never

Fun & Random Fact You Didn't Care to Know: When I was 16 or so I was unpacking some grocery bags and as I was unpacking I pulled out the A-1 Sauce and I called it AL sauce instead. Don't know why, that is what I saw on the bottle - AL. They even asked me to repeat the name and I said AL. To this day (and I am now 30) my parents STILL call it AL Sauce around me instead of A-1 and when I see A-1 sauce I instantly think AL sauce. I do not think it will EVER change for any of us!!