Monday, July 5, 2010


You know how fun it is to use chopsticks?  If you are saying yes then skip this post.  If you are saying, "Well, I waaaaaaaaant to use chopsticks, but I get tired of them after 2 spicy tuna rolls and then need to switch to a fork," then keep reading.

Introducing the CHORK!  This utensil is a chopstick/fork combo that let's you have all the fun of an Asian restaurant without the hassle (can you hear the infomercial now?).  Doesn't it sound like a 4th grade playground insult?  Like a new hybrid of a dork?  "Tommy's got on jeans with pleats - what a CHORK!"

Anyway, these are hilarious and even more hilarious are the testimonial on the CHORK website.

“That’s great, now my husband can use chopsticks with me and still be able to poke at the hard to pickup scraps.”

Well, thank Buddha your husband can poke at the hard scraps.  What?

“What a great Idea, I can’t believe its not already out.”

Again, WHAT?  It IS already out.  Who wrote these?

Don't be a chork...Check out the website here.  Check out this video.  Nice demonstration of color:


B. said...

Ha ha, I like it. I use Chopsticks for my sushi, can't stand using a fork for them, but when I switch over to a lo mein or rice I can't use the chopsticks very well.

wrestling kitties said...


That demonstration is AWESOME! You know because I wasn't that sure on how to use the fork end or the chopstick end but after them showing me a few times with different colored chorks I now GET IT! Thanks video

I think I would prefer my chopsticks and fork seperate but it is funny what people come up with

Sarah W said...

OMG! That is hilarious! I actually think just having the chopsticks connected would fix my issues with them... the fork side is a little too much.

I agree, Jenn, the demo is uber-explanatory... thank goodness!