Saturday, June 19, 2010

Things that bug me

This is a post of annoyance.  Please proceed if you like:
1)  It's 80 degrees right now and quite humid.  I was rushing around the house this morning getting ready, jumped in the car and blasted the a/c.  I see my neighbor walking his dog in a FLEECE COAT.  What?!  That made me angry.  It just did.

2)  I saw an old friend from college last night.  He is now married and had a kid and we had a blast catching up.  He says to me, "Well you still look pretty good."  Really?  Pretty good?  Thanks, now I can validate my life.  Next time eliminate "pretty" and "still".  He might have been trying to pay me a compliment but it was all in the delivery.  Plus I was hot and sweaty.  See a theme here?

3)  Capri pants do not exist in the world of 5' tall people. I hate shorts and find them unacceptable to wear to work.  However, I simply cannot find a pair of decent capris that are not either floods or booty shorts.  What's the deal?  Am I the only person in the world of this height?  Why do I have to buy capris and get them hemmed?  I'm hot.

I just need a few days off at Clark Lake....ahhhh Clark Lake!


Trophy Life said...

uh, that guy sounds like he should rehearse the delivery a bit better.

also, i'm pissed about the fleece as well. what the heck?!

Written Permission said...

I continue to think that you and I were separated at birth. :)

I want to smack your neighbor.

I want to smack your college friend (what could possibly make him think that would be OK to say?!).

I can NEVER find capris that don't just look like regular pants. It's ridiculous. Someone needs to recognize there are short women with bootys who need capris! Get on it, people!

Iris Took said...

WP - I think we totally were!

My neighbor was in fleece yesterday and I was watering the lawn just SWEATING MY ASS OFF. He is making me insane. Black socks and all.

Christina Thomas said...

I know I'm late in commenting...

I recently bought two pairs of board shorts (I think that's what they are called) from Old Navy for my bros graduation and for "work" (I work from home but would wear them into the VA office). Check them out.

I LOVE them and wear them often. I hate wearing shorts because I have a big a$$ and I am only 4'10".