Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bacon Balm

My sister gave me a fantastic gag gift over the weekend - bacon lip balm!  I have seen this site before and was thinking, "Anything from this site would be amazing!"  This balm as a smoky, plastic-y smell and is hideous.  Simply hideous.  It was fun to carry it all weekend and trick people.  Sorry BJ, but your reaction was the absolute best.

Visit the website for more fun, disgusting, bizarre, random products and all things BACON!


All Things Red said...

That sounds like a truly revolting product, but it IS funny...... :)

SassyTimes said...

Oh my...this is awesome. My SIL LOVES all things bacon. It's rather gross. She makes bacon ice cream all.the.time. Really.

Kevin said...

I got sick thinking about the taste of this.. LOL!!!