Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Softball Season

Softball started last night which is why I have not blogged about the SERIES FINALE of 24.  Don't worry, I am watching it tonight and I am totally and absolutely nervous.

Anyway, I joined a new league only knowing my friend and her husband.  This is always awkward.  Making new friends as an adult.  Infiltrating the "group" as an outsider.  You have to basically rely on your softball skills to win you over.  It went ok.  Could have went better, but at least I got a few hits and did a decent job in the field.  No one booed me off.

That may be due to the fact that this is a Christian Church league!  I had no idea that I was getting into a holy roller team before I signed up.  On one hand, it is a nice change from Scott Park where the Wolf Pack intimidates the stirrup socks off of you because their women hit like men and the men play like, well, they are scary.  They drink and smoke chronic in the parking lot before and afterwards and still beat you by 20 runs.  20 high runs.

On the other hand, I like a little rowdy.  I like when there are 3 other games going on and you know the other "players" from the other bar teams.  I take comfort that there is a bathroom at an organized diamond and I could get a hotdog and a slushy if I wanted to.

Sooooo, this is a different pace for me.  No swearing.  We pray afterwards.  No one knows the score.  Oh well.

Perhaps this is a good lesson for me and maybe I need to take my heat down a level.  But I feel like I need the intensity.  I have a lot of pent up energy (anger) and need to exercise (vent) and it helps to do that on the field.  Plus, I usually play with my Dad and I am Dad-less.

Dad, we are forming a power-team next year.  We are getting sponsored by a bar, and then drinking there afterwards.  Plus, I want people to yell during the game.  Not necessarily AT other people, but just yell.  It's embarrassing to be the loudest person on the field and also the newest.  Rowdy is good.


Moey said...

I don't know about this league, flav. I... am not sure... that you'll have very much fun... You are definitely rowdy when you get competitive... Never would have pictured you in a church league. Kinda funny actually... Not that you aren't holy or anything :)

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a beer-drinking, loud, Power-Team next year.

We play at 7:15 at Scott Park on Weds. still if you ever want to join us - I'll let you know when we play the Wolf Pack! - FOX

Kate said...

It's been a long time, but I would absolutely join your power team. Repeat - join power team - not holy roller team. That sounds more like torture - the worst. However, it does make me laugh to think of you on that team... I can see the fist pumps now as you get fired up and everyone giving you a silent blank stare. I think I just peed a little I'm laughing so hard.

Let me know if you need a rowdy fist pumping cheering section to stir things up and/or a drinking buddy after the game. I can arrange it!

:) Kate

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

I love this post.

My favorite line: Sooooo, this is a different pace for me. No swearing. We pray afterwards. No one knows the score. Oh well.


JD said...

Next year a power team, yeah....AND WE WILL YELL!!!!!!! GO, EEN, GO!!!! Stretch that hit, dive for a line drive, grit your teeth, pump your fist, turn two, slide headfirst, high five your teammates until your hand hurts, hoist a brew or two, MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!! And of course, be ladylike.