Monday, May 17, 2010

Rite Aid - the new emergency room

On Saturday, while perusing the self-tanner aisle, I overheard a young man asking the Pharmacist if he was, in fact, a pharmacist.  I became interested.

"Well, I am an intern, which means I will be done with school in one year.  I can try to help you."

This young dude was probably a college student based on his long gym shorts and JAKE'S t-shirt.  I thought he had a white paper bag on his hand but couldn't be know...because I was "reading" the self tanner instructions.

"Well, uh, I am not sure if I should go to the emergency room or not, can you tell me?"  The bag comes off.

"OOHH.  Uh, well, hmmm, I, a, hmmmm.  What'd you do son?"

"I cut it with a saw."

EEK!  SAW!  Ohh, no scent to this one.

"Yeah, should I get stitches or what?  Can I just get a big band-aid?"

"I, um. wellllllll, let's get the pharmacist over her.....CINDY!"

Calling in the big dogs!  I am so curious now.  Cindy wanders over.  She looks upset.  I grab a STAR and peer over it.  No self-tanner is this interesting.  My cover is blown.

"Yes.  Go to the ER."

"I don't have insurance."

"The hospital will figure something out."

So Cindy wanders away and the poor intern is standing there turning green.  I think he was more upset than Mr. Saw.

"Ok, what should I do now?"

GO TO THE ER!  Don't get involved, don't get involved....

"Let me show you where gauze and neosporin are.  You will need that until you get to the hospital so this doesn't get worse.  But let me stress again, you need to get this taken care of PROFESSIONALLY..."

At that point, they were coming down my aisle and I had to jump ship or else I would be caught.  Those folks at Rite-Aid sure are helpful.  Moral of the story:  don't wrap a paper bag around your cut hand (der!).


AthenaBee said...

OMG I don't know why I'm laughing so much... maybe it's the bag instead of something normal, like a towel. I LOVE that he went to Rite Aid for medical attention.

AthenaBee said...

P.S. I LOVE Banana Boat sunless tanner.

SassyTimes said... I'm almost speechless.

...a white paper bag?? I can only visualize a Wendy's bag and it makes this even more funny.

Ky • said...

Lol. This makes me laugh. I love when you blog about conversations.

"Um, go to the ER."

B. said...

You always run into the strangest situations! I am glad you share them with us all.

wrestling kitties said...

oh wow, how awesome to hear a conversation like that!

Best line "can I just get a big band-aid?" HAHAHA nice