Thursday, May 20, 2010

Retaurant Review: Carraba's

To celebrate my cousin Amy's birthday, we met at Carraba's Italian Grille last night.  Having never been there before, I was expecting a run-of-the mill chain-type Italian place - I was pleasantly surprised.  Features of Carraba's:

  • Nice atmosphere with artistic antique style "family" photos on the walls, a wood-fired brick oven for pizza, and wooden trellises and beams on the ceiling.
  • Professional and helpful staff.  The floor manager came over, introduced himself and asked if we needed anything (refilled water, refreshed bread).  Our waitress was also well trained and appropriate.  "May I take this?"  Never - "Ya done munchin on that?"  Pet peeve.
  • Bread - check.  Herb infused olive oil for dipping - check.  Tasty.
  • The meal was excellent!  I ordered a small salad, Mediterranean style and it was so fantastic.  For my entree I asked for the crab cakes appetizer.  Not only was it the perfect amount but the crab cakes were more crab than cake and very light (not oily or deep fried).  
  • WINE WEDNESDAYS boast $10 off any bottle of wine!  Any bottle!  Plus, you can get a bottle and should you not finish it, they can reseal it and you can take it with you so you are not in violation of open container.  Riiiiiight,  like you wouldn't finish the bottle. 
  • I took a birthday cake in and without even asking, the staff at the door, offered to put it in the back until I gave them the signal, the signal!, and said they would bring it out for us.  They even offered to adorn the cake with birthday candles!  I had them already but good to know for next time.  AWESOME!  The signal, I love it.

Needless to say, I had a wonderful experience and would definitely go back.  Food was good but the service was top of the line and I appreciate that.


SassyTimes said...

Wow! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I've NEVER had good service at Carrabas (at least 5 times I've been there). It's always been awful...taking forever to take our drink order, never giving refills (even when we ask), forgetting to bring drinks at all, asking numerous times about our order (as if they didn't already take our order), bringing the wrong food to the table, etc.

Maybe it's just us...and we get really flighty waitresses all the time?? ;)

Their food is really good though. If it were closer, I'd get takeout.

Sarah W said...

Oh, Carrabbas, how I love you!

One of my favorites! Try something with their grilled chicken next time... it's to die for.

Ky • said...

I *adore* Carraba's. In fact, C. and I have already discussed how we need to eat there AS SOON AS WE GET HOME. (Not much Italian here in Cabo...)

I'm glad you had a great experience! Is there still just the one out in Maumee? Or are there more locations now?

Iris Took said...

SS - Wow! Doesn't even sound like we went to the same place. I am nervous now for next time.

Maybe our service was awesome because the floor manager Ivan was trying to pick up my cousin....Erik.

Sarah - my cousin got the grilled chix Bryan and it was to die for!

Ky - We went to the one in Maumee and I think that is the only on in the Greater Toledo area. When you are home, let's go...on a Wednesday!

Ky • said...