Thursday, May 13, 2010

Modern Family

Another great episode last night.  Best line of the show, again, by Phil.

"Let me just rock a hurricane.  Wait, you're too old."


Cougar Town is terrible but I continue to torture myself and watch it.  Courtney Cox is a narcissist. 


wrestling kitties said...

I LOVE this show so much! That line was hilarious. And i liked how when he was laying on him and he said he keeps his wallet in the front you can clearly see the wallet in his back pocket....teehee

Other favorite line soley based on how Phil said it...

Claire: I got pregnant with Haley.
Phil: My bad!

B. said...

I have just caught the last couple Modern Family shows and I love it. Rock you like a hurricane had me rolling. I have to go back and check out more. Online maybe.

wrestling kitties said...

Watched it again with my sister…I think it is always funnier the second time because T, K & I are all really loud laughers and we miss stuff when we laugh the first time we see the episode!

Liked this one too:

Jay: "I decided to get in better shape quick. Didn't want to end up like my old man. Although he did die doing what he loved: Refusing service to hippies who came into his store."

Also loved the “Woo you” quote!