Thursday, May 6, 2010

Modern Family

I hope you watch this fantastic show and if you don't, you can catch up FREE, online here

Last nights episode was entertaining as usual, with Manny as an adult in a child's body, Gloria with her fabulous accent, Phil and his carefree attitute, and Cameron in his loud clothing.

Best line of the show by Phil:

"Realtors are Ninjas in blazers."

LOVE it.


Kelly said...

Second best line by Manny: "I'm just a boy trying to bring fashion back to travel"

Love this show!

Erika Jean said...

I love this show too! Discovered it a few weeks ago. Really funny, Along with the Middle ;-)

wrestling kitties said...

I have not seen last nights episode yet but I feel this IS the BEST show on TV right now. I LOVE IT!

Last week best line "Oh I had the drumsticks in the wrong hands." HAHAHAHAAHAHAH

I can't wait to watch it tonight!

Ky • said...

BEST sitcom in YEARS.

I ADORE Manny.

Lauren Tracy said...

Yes. Best sitcom EVER. I honestly can't even choose my favorite character. I LOVE them all. I could watch each episode over and over!

I think Phillip Leslie Knight should make an appearance as Cam's brother. Just a thought!