Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'll start with a boring question: What are your can't-do-without curly-hair products?

The diffuser. It is the best invention ever. I use plain old gel and hairspray. Noting tricky - just time consuming.

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Nanitee said... should know I would be the first to comment you little diffuser user. Besides the diffuser, a little care free curl by softsheen and curls rock by bedhead. High heat, slow speed.

Written Permission said...

I am totally scared to try a diffuser. My hair isn't truly CURLY, more like wavy, which can very, very easily morph into frizzy. If the wind blows on it too much while it's air-drying, it frizzes out to kingdom come. I may try the bedhead stuff, though!

Moey said...

CONDITIONER!!!! I can't live without it. Then hair gel... The cheaper the better... Dep...LA looks... And the diffuser now that I have brown hair... When it was blonde the diffuser made it look frizzy and t-terrible... Iris can attest to that